Hotel Services

Parking operation could be a sizeable part of revenue for many hotels; especially those located in densely populated metropolitan regions like Boston. However, hotels have to invest extensively in parking equipment, supplies and most importantly in training personnel for their parking management and valet parking operations. Furthermore, additional insurances are required to let the parking attendants operate third party’s vehicles.

No matter which option you choose, hiring us or leasing your parking to us, we can save you money, extra administrative work and unnecessary aggravation dealing with incidents. They happen no matter how carefully you plan. We have a team of experienced supervisors on call day or night backed by solid liability insurance. Call us today and let us help you with your parking solutions. Our advisory services and estimates are free.

There are couples of ways we can help you with your hotel’s parking operation; we could provide you with attendants on a low all-inclusive hourly rate which includes all employment taxes, insurances, medical and benefits. Ezcityvalet has a strong and diverse labor pool with over 240 valet attendants, they are screened carefully before hiring and they get trained by experienced professionals. They may be uniformed according to the hotel’s requirement. We could also lease the parking operation and pay the hotel a monthly flat revenue which is very close to the revenue amount the hotel would earn after operation expenses if they would run their own parking operation.