Professional Support

Nothing tells your guests that they will be well taken care of like professional valet service upon their arrival. When they depart, Ezcityvalet provides the helpfulness of the parking attendant and that will be their final impression of your hospitality. Depend on Ezcityvalet to provide this extra-special touch. We Accept All Major Credit Cards.


Ezcityvalet shall manage and operate the parking facility in a first class and efficient manner. We would provide neatly uniformed attendants, continuous supervision and inspection adequate to effect complete control of the parking facility. Ezcityvalet will maintain the parking facility in a neat and orderly condition and will comply with all laws and ordinances pertaining to the operation of the parking facility including obtaining licenses and permits required for operation.

Attendant Qualifications

Ezcityvalet requires all attendants to complete a written and oral interview and must have at least six months experience with reputable references. They are selected on the basis of good communication skills and attitude towards serving the public. Attendants in Ezcityvalet are instructed to aid the elderly and handicapped persons to their car and to help with baby strollers and packages.

Uniformed Attendants, Responsible Supervision

At Ezcityvalet, our uniformed attendants are responsible, professional, and polite. They have been well-trained to work quickly and to put your guests at ease. You and your guests can rest assured that an Ezcityvalet attendant will protect their vehicles and treat them with respect. We can serve large parties and groups from 15 up to 5,000 people. Our service provides both male and female attendants.