Private events

Hosts of parties, weddings, company gatherings and other social events usually offer their guests complementary valet parking. The quality of your hospitality mostly depends on paying attention to details, small but important details such as offering the convenience the of valet parking services to your guests. Finding a parking space at a busy event and walking couple of blocks on high heels can be frustrating. Most guests invited to an event arrive at the same time which could create traffic chaos and unnecessary aggravation Most residential areas are not designed for mass traffic and do not provide sufficient parking. In some locations with remote parking we must provide shuttle services. Some major events require street closure and police permits with temporary traffic signs and experienced traffic directors.

Providing comfort and safety are not the only advantages; the image of uniformed and friendly valet attendants opening the arriving cars’ doors to help out your valued guest with polite greetings is a significant enhancement to the image of your event Valet parking is a straightforward process; arriving guest handover their vehicle to the attendants at a convenient pickup point where they receive a ticket identifying the vehicle. It will be parked at a safe and secure parking location under our operation and supervision. Upon departure, customer gives the ticket to the valet attendant and the vehicle is retrieved from parking and brought to the front where our employees open the car doors for the guest and help them in their car in a courteous manner.